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All-in-1 Logic GameBox app for iPhone and iPad

4.1 ( 9021 ratings )
Games Board Puzzle
Developer: AppZap
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.19, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Aug 2010
App size: 21.27 Mb

#1 Logic Game in the AppStore!
Ten Top-Quality Games!

3,000+ Levels included! 

New updates with new amazing games!

Ten different games to get you thinking, great visual design and easy-to-use controls!

It is fantastic! It has 10 puzzle games included with over 3,000 levels!

Cant decide which puzzle game you need? Get em all!


This is the case with All-in-1 Logic GameBox which includes TEN TOP-QUALITY puzzle games with more than 3,000 levels of complexity! New updates with new amazing games!

Are you looking for another way to challenge your mind, or at least kill some time?
All-in-1 Logic GameBox is a depository of goodies: more than 3,000 levels of complexity, 10 awesome logic games, new games with updates, in-game achievements that you can share via Twitter or Facebook!

Version 1.19 includes TEN games and more than 3,000 levels:

NEW GAME: Cookies!
A unique puzzle! Use all your skills to make sliding moves in the empty space of the frame!

Addictive gameplay, awesome graphics and lots of levels!

Round Round
Is a puzzle game that includes elements of several well-known puzzles and is notable for original idea and beautiful graphics!

A unique puzzle! Ultimate addiction!

Parking Lot
A classic game with wonderful graphics and a huge number of levels!

An amazing puzzle! Your fingers will experience real adventures!

Fill the Pot
A unique puzzle! Fill up all the containers with water, but do not waste a single drop of this precious liquid!

Flip It
A difficult game with a huge number of levels!

Check your calculation skills using the game Arithmetic!

Medium difficulty game thats insanely addictive!



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Pros and cons of All-in-1 Logic GameBox app for iPhone and iPad

All-in-1 Logic GameBox app good for

Good just wish u didnt have to pay for the 3 other games lots of levels on each diffuclty
Parking lot level 63 on easy is broken. It is impossible to solve, I solved every other level medium and hard but that one on easy is not passable. Please fix.
Love that it has so many different types of games to play. Gets all parts of the brain working. Its great when you only have 5 minutes to spare, or hours to kill while sitting on an airplane.
Very nice logic games and for passing your time and finding games for brains to work nice job!
Right from the simple time-wasters up to the complicated brain-building challengers: THE BEST game app I have. Period.
I love this game so much its just that i dont know how to unlock the other games

Some bad moments

Hi, please remove the ads from the payed Version of the App. You still can bother the free Version users with your ads. cu
I bought this game over a year ago and it was a great game. But now I am finally done with it. Adding ads in a paid game is something that simply annoys me. And new levels? Great. They only add new levels to those game types that need an in game purchase. The initial games, and these were why I bought this game, are left untouched, they dont bring fresh money... If you want a nice puzzle you might want to download it while its free. But dont expect any support. And dont pay for the additional content.
Over a Year ago Apple released iphone 5 with 4 inch display but this App still isnt updatet for it :(
Games are ok but all those ads, in game purchases needed, popups and game center annoyances are no gos :-(
It used to be my favorite game, I even purchased it but now there are ads?? There are not supposed to be ads on a game you purchase at least there shouldnt be. This just blows. What a way to ruin a great game. They obviously made their money from us that bought it now its free and filled with ads. Give me my money back please. If I could have given it no stars I would have.
What the f&&"! I cant even play the game!!! Add add add... How can I go trough?? Im really piss... I used to like this game!!

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